Pear vortex identification class | crafted Rolex Daytona

Rolex (Rolex) is the rolex replica uk industry's classic brand. uk replica watches the original sign for a finger out of the fingers, it means that the brand's watch is entirely hand-crafted, and later gradually evolved into the crown of the registered trademark to show its dominance in the field of watches , Showing the Rolex in the watch industry's emperor's gas. Pear vortex of the pear said: Our money is not a big wind to the friends Right So especially when buying expensive babies To check the status of the special State judgment is essential As much as possible check the state of the machine If you want to worry about the purchase of replica watches Then do not be embarrassed Ask the clerk to look at the movement is also not a bad idea Not to mention the business through which channels to buy the Rolex If you have confidence in your own goods Should not be taboo to open the movement to the customer inspection But in view of the general non-professional contact with the watch movement Or no professional tools Opening the back cover of the watch is still more dangerous to consider It is recommended to professional [watch repair] to check Also be considered as a category Second point Look at the dial from the bottom of the skew One of the more prominent ways to identify [whether it is a fake product] is [Watch watch mirror] Of course, depending on the watch This method is not all applicable The world's top luxury brands In particular, Rolex's products are used by the watch mirror After 1990 All used is [sapphire crystal mirror] Not only thin And high durability It is not easy to leave scratches 【Usually imitation】 if the oblique look Most of the heavy glass mirror is more conspicuous Will feel [very uncoordinated] This is also one of the ways to identify In recent years We often have magazine judgment method about position of [crown] It is only in recent years, often used one of the identification methods Again There are some fake products can be part of the above method of perfect production So it can not rely on these methods Identify at the same time Look at the dial from the bottom of the watch There are some fake products will be unexpected (Such as dial gloss, digital text printing, pointer processing, etc.) Do roughness More clearly at a glance to see the authenticity Whether it is individual or the supplier should be based on these aspects to be a reference To identify the authenticity of the watch