Why Rolex can become a symbol of the land, you think it is the price

Speaking of submarine, I believe that a large number of people that have not heard of. But that its nickname "water ghost", that is basically no one does not know no one knows. Especially the green water ghost, once launched, has become the replica rolex watches's best-selling model. One-way rotating ceramic outer ring, with the show green surface. Let the green water ghost into the swiss replica watches's, the most recognizable a watch. Deep tide men love ~ Using a classic oyster-style case design, with 904L stainless steel, waterproof depth of up to 300 meters. In the movement, equipped with rolex replica uk's trump card 3135 movement. Since the birth in 1988, basically no movement which can compete with. Stability and reliability are first-class, although its power reserve is only 48 hours, but also enough to use the general case! At present the official domestic price of 70,000 yuan. how is it? Is it hearting? Celini series Most of the Rolex watches like Rolex, Rolex Chelini time 50505. Relative to the large number of Oyster-style constant movement series watch. Rolex's genuine watch, Celini series appears to be a lot of small public. Although not with the appearance of the characteristics of Rolex, but accurate and reliable quality, but also enough to prove that the Rolex family orthodox blood. Simple three-pin design, has always been everyone's favorite. This Chelini watch, with 18k rose gold case design. With a white dial, unique appearance, very suitable for refined men wear. And because people do not buy much, so it is also very good to avoid the risk of hit the watch. Equipped with Rolex's own developed 3132 movement, equipped with a blue Parachrom gossamer and high-performance Paraflex cushioning device. To ensure that the entire watch seismic resistance to magnetic capacity, the use of two-way on the chain technology. Power storage also has 48 hours, because the same use of precious metal case case. So its price also had 125700 yuan ~ how is it? Looked at these watches, is not feeling this year there is power to work? And with the Patek Philippe, Lange those, casually on the top of the list of millions of watches. Rolex 70,000 or so the average price, is not so far away.