N factory Rolex air overlord contrast authentic

From the height of the appearance of the replica watch reduction can be seen today, this N plant engraved empty air chaos effect is to force. The difference can not see the naked eye, in the following you can also contrast to the height of the reduction. For a direction can also see the N factory texture, and Rolex is very similar to genuine. ▼ dial contrast: the overall similarity of the surface is also very high, from all parts of the chaos. ▼ dial logo: trademark is replica rolex watches worth mentioning, in addition to the crown in the high magnification after a slight difference, the letter color almost no chromaticity difference, and the authentic letter is convex convex engraved, N factory also do the same effect The ▼ trademark below: the same trademark below the letter and color is also very close, you can note that the words of the King King K is irregular, N factory K by contrast and genuine irregular degree is the same. ▼ needle: the pointer is basically do not see the difference, shape, length, size are done with the same place, the degree of reduction is high. Close the axis of the swiss rolex pointer, do is also great. ▼ scale: 3/6/9 when the scale is the choice of metal figures, here to 3 examples, although the visual effects are basically the same, but carefully contrast there is a difference, genuine metal figures are angular, and N Factory is not so genuine three-dimensional sense, there is no edge of the edges and corners. ▼ 12-point details: outside the metal side of the triangular scale is exactly the same, where the big difference lies in the inner ring lettering, authentic inner inscription edge clear font is very neat, n factory font to do a little rough, and Is the authentic inner ring is a small crown at 12 o'clock, and n factory small crown to the right side, and hope this is a case. ▼ luminous: the amount of light due to the difference between the day, the intensity of light at night is different, but the color is the existence of contrast. Genuine color blue green, N plant is sky blue. ▼ watch mirror: here because of the different angles and will show a different effect, in general, N factory crystal mirror crystal degree slightly stronger than genuine. Mirror protruding two are the same ▼ Shell: genuine use of 904 steel, n re-engraved with 316 stainless steel, the appearance of the two steel is not see the difference, their main difference is that the property, said 904 more resistant than the anti-scratch mark. The overall polished polished in place, the thickness of the body to see the naked eye no difference, the side of the metal effect of both the degree of polishing can not see the difference between the two. Where the two-dimensional code is affixed to the plastic film, you can tear up. ▼ crown: small crown shape of the reduction is in place, the crown of the relief done quite careful and clear. Close observation crown, n version of the little crown to do a little fat. ▼ lugs contrast: engraved the biggest difference is that the gap on both sides of the strip at the junction of the deal, n this empty Pa to do very technical, strip on both sides of the small seam processing is very small. Steel and the upper shell interface, re-engraved version of the gap to be greater than genuine, this is a common technology of engraved. ▼ back cover contrast: the difference between the back cover almost does not exist, the genuine back cover can see the drawing, N factory drawing slightly thicker than the genuine. The back cover can also be a clear comparison of the two, it is difficult to distinguish. ▼ back shell: because the inner surface is not visible, so N factory cover engraved engraved and genuine differences. Here I think the engraved version of the lettering processing looks more beautiful and beautiful. Open the shell, you can see inside a B tip handle, in this can not see the place, n did not ignore the details, do the same lettering processing. ▼ thread processing: thread here also mention, because the N factory on the genuine thread texture control is very decent, and genuine surprisingly similar. ▼ movement: genuine use of the Swiss production for 3131 machinery, N is used in Hangzhou 2836 movement, because the Basel empty Pa is no back through, so N plant to maintain the appearance of the premise of the reduction, the hoist Core performance, using the domestic Hangzhou 2836 movement, open the movement to watch, the appearance of the two movements there is a big difference. ▼ steel strip: strap chain buckle is basically no difference, the whole polished, polished, the middle wire drawing, n do are in place. ▼ buckle small crown: where the metal wire drawing process and trademark reduction level is relatively high, a big difference is that genuine little crown done carved peripheral processing, N plant no, this is also a clear distinction between true and false, hope N There will be amendments to the future.