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uk replica watches in the domestic reputation must also do not have to say me, of course, their strength is not a small glimpse, as we mentioned in the article before their strength can be opened in a shopping mall two stores, this In the watch industry is rare, and today I bring to you is the Rolex fans love the "Rolex Lacers calendar series 116610LV green watch", this watch was watch fans affectionately said As "green water ghost". Rolex submarine 116610LV watch movement review: This Rolex submarine watch uses the rolex uk Observatory certified movement, and equipped with Paraflex shock absorber. Automatic winding mechanical movement, will be wrist swing to drive the movement of the automatic disk rotation on the chain, do not need to replace the battery will be able to maintain the operating power to enhance the airtight case so that this watch waterproof function reached 300 Meters, is the first choice for diving enthusiasts wearing watches. Rover lover 116610LV watch Comment: emerald green dial for most people is a more difficult to control the color, but also a comparison pull the wind color, compared to the ordinary watch black or white dial this green is indeed Very beautiful. Ceramic material scale progressive rotating outer ring, you can always view the decompression time, high hardness blue crystal glass mirror also ensure that this watch's ruggedness, the overall match down this watch is beautiful but not easy to control the wrist Table, more suitable for the pursuit of individuality to wear the crowd. Rolex Submariner 116610LV fake watches Appreciation: Deep green looks very beautiful, but do not know when there is not with some inappropriate with it, at least I personally think that this color is more suitable for sports and leisure clothing, after all, this watch is dedicated to diving Enthusiasts designed products. You can clearly see the corner chain bending section of the treatment is still very smooth. Dial ring engraved with Rolex's anti-counterfeit LOGO, the outer ring is a ceramic material scale progressive rotating outer ring, you can always view the decompression time. Shell and bracelet are used 316L stainless steel, 316L stainless steel has a very strong corrosion resistance, suitable for 70 ℃ the following concentrations of sulfuric acid, at any pressure under any pressure, any temperature of acetic acid and acetic acid and acetic acid in the mixed acid Corrosion resistance is also very good. For the diving to provide a favorable quality assurance. The Rolex logo is also the same as the Rolex genuine, the crown of the production process to achieve the same as with the genuine LOGO effect is "open laugh" Rolex watch products are generally relatively heavy. Stainless steel to ensure that the diving in the compression of the pressure, so you can easily dive 300 meters, and will not affect the normal travel function, which is one of its characteristics. 316L stainless steel strap to wear it is quite comfortable. Side view, you can clearly see the watch situation. Folding button buckle also added a insurance buckle, very intimate design. In addition to engraved with a logo inside the production and engraved with the production date code Finally, a green water ghost of another bright show function is the luminous, so you can in a dark environment at any time to grasp the time, if the environment in the KTV must be the most compelling focus. Summary: green water ghost is Rolex in recent years, a relatively fire products, genuine price is also a rise and then up now the domestic price has reached 70,000 yuan look like. Because of its special color of the dial to give people a bright feeling, is like the pursuit of individuality like the young people like products, automatic movement with Rolex strong work to meet the daily outdoor activities to wear, is like diving or outdoor sports crowd Preferred watch, genuine hard to buy, do not consider into a N plant V7 version, definitely worth having. Star watch industry, professional watch identification businessmen, your private watch consultant, spend the least price, play the most advanced watch, carefully build quality, with the feelings of decorative wrist, Barry pick one, especially with the core! All kinds of discussions are hot chat, there are many common hobby friends talk together, search 8401602 add WeChat, let us play together watch!