Rolex watches how to maintain water

Recently there are a lot of people with a rolex uk that their Rolex watch is waterproof why the water will be. They all want to know, Rolex waterproof watch the reasons for what is the water, replica watch how to do? Rolex waterproof watch water for what reason? Hendry watch repair station professional and technical division pointed out that under normal circumstances, Rolex waterproof fake watches does not mean that will not enter the water vapor. If you take a bath with a Rolex watch, for the Rolex watch waterproofing apron by the cleaning agent and other chemicals will accelerate the aging, the role of waterproof also failed. There is no rain in the season, the air temperature is relatively high, there are large changes in temperature, such as sauna, air-conditioned rooms, etc., will cause the Rolex watch into the water vapor. Rubber apron with the use of time gradually aging, waterproof performance gradually diminished, once the Rolex watch water vapor should be promptly to the authorized service station for processing, so as not to cause rusting parts, shorten the life of the watch. Rolex waterproof watch the reasons for what is the above? Hendry professional technicians have pointed out that the Rolex watches for the water how to do? Here we also look at the Heng Deli watch repair station professional technician what is the introduction of. Rolex watch water how to do? Hendry watch repair station online professional technician pointed out that if the watch water, you can have the following two watch water treatment methods Method 1, the watch, such as water was soaked, can be a few layers of toilet paper or easy to absorb moisture flannel watch tightly wrapped around 40 watts of light bulb near about 15 cm, bake about 30 minutes, the watch can be water vapor steam. Should not watch the watch close to the fire directly baked, so as not to make the watch heat deformation. Method 2, the watch in Mongolia, the bottom shell outward, anti-wear on the wrist, two hours after the water can be eliminated. If the water is serious, it is best to immediately repair the watch shop oil, remove the movement of water, to avoid rusting parts.